Drying Laundry Indoors Can Have Deadly Side Effects!


Maybe you`ve heard that drying the laundry inside the house can have negative effects on your health because of the evaporation.

A 43-years old man from Bolton, by the name of Craig Mather, did not listen to these warnings, so he got lung infection. If you dry your clothes inside the house, the mold spores that will occur can cause serious problems with your lungs.

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Craig was diagnosed with pulmonary aspergillosis and he was prescribed drugs to fight the fungal infection. Doctors also recommended him to stop drying his clothes inside the room, otherwise his health issue could get worse. So he did, for 12 months, when he noticed his health was improving incredibly.

Many people have had similar experiences. If you put the wet clothes on the radiator, humidity level will increase up to 30% from the evaporation, which creates perfect conditions for development of mold spores.

One bunch of wet laundry contains more than 2 liter of water, which is then released in the whole room. People with good health or immune to those infections won`t have any problem fighting them, but others with asthma, for example, can face problems with breathing and coughing.

Individuals with lower immunity, like AIDS patients, patients with autoimmune diseases or treated with chemotherapy are prone to pulmonary aspergillosis caused by fungi. This can cause some serious, even fatal lung damages. For this reason, experts advise us to dry the laundry outside or in the dryer, never inside the rooms we live in.

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