Awendaw Soufflé (Grits Soufflé)

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Moda A/I 20/21

Cosa indosseremo in questa nuova stagione che è arrivata con irruenza a riempire le nostre giornate. Buongiooooorno bellezze! Oggi parliamo di moda a/i 20/21. Ormai l’estate sembra un lontanoricordo e l’autunno, senza nemmeno troppo preavviso come gli annis corsi, è entrato nelle nostre giornate. E allora corsa al cambio armadi(un dramma ogni anno ma tant’è).… Continue reading Moda A/I 20/21

The Plaid Blazer

Outfit Details:Warm Dress, Rachel Antonoff Blazer (old, similar here and here), Loeffler Randall Boots One item that continues to be a timeless staple in my fall wardrobe is an everyday blazer. Whether fitted or box cut, short or long, a blazer is reliably chic, comfortable, and fall-inspired. I especially love the way a blazer looks over faded denim and… Continue reading The Plaid Blazer

24 Worst Foods in your Fridge that Prevent Weight Loss

These past few months have brought about major changes in our lives – from altering sleep schedules, to changing our work environment, increasing stress levels, and of course completely overhauling our eating habits. We are specifically talking about an exponential rise in non-essential eating. Also, all the extra time in hand has turned a lot… Continue reading 24 Worst Foods in your Fridge that Prevent Weight Loss

Can Sprouts Help with Weight Loss?

Sprouts have always got their rightful place as a health food, particularly, among a population of people who want to keep life-threatening diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases away. But it’s only recently that sprouts have gained popularity as a superfood that also helps with weight loss. As we… Continue reading Can Sprouts Help with Weight Loss?